Slip ring motor DSRAJ 6326-10WF



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Slip ring motor DSRAJ 6326-10WF
1120kW, MV, 10 pole, IC611, air to air heat exchanger TEAAC

Asynchronous motors with a slip-ring rotor:
Output range 500 – 10,000 kW
Number of poles 4-, 6-, 8- to 16-pole

Voltage range 690 V to 13,8 kV
Cooling types Air-to-air or air-to-water heat exchanger
Types IM B3 and IM V1, IM7315 and modifications
Bearing Rolling or friction bearings
Frequencies Mains or converter operation


Large amounts of these resources are broken, milled, transported, sighted and burned; dust, heat and mechanical loading leads to high requirements on the motors which VEM supplies for crushers, mills, fans, furnaces or conveyor plants.
Asynchronous motors with slip-ring rotors are especially suitable for the heavy start-up conditions for mills and crushers under full load and for fans with very large mass-moments of inertia. Cooling takes place primarily with air-to-air heat exchangers and separate ventilation of the slip ring area

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