Hoist Motors W2BA 400 LZ6



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Hoist motor W2BA 400 LZ6
870kW, 6 pole, 460V, IC06, IP23

Everyday around the world 24/7, VEM Motors ensure that the hoist motor solution that we provide are durable, robust and working under extreme operational conditions in Ports, Marine and Offshore work vessel, Mining site, Mills.

VEM Hoist motors are the main force behind material handling equipment such as STS crane, RTG, ship to shore, rubber typed gantry crane in the Sea port.
In addition, VEM motors are high energy efficient based on IEC standards, saving energy and cost during the many years of operation, helping in decarbonization and contribute to green future.

Technical features of the W2BA series

• steel-welded enclosure with proven grey cast iron components of the standard series
• die-cast aluminum rotor body
• compact design with high power density (low space requirement, low weight)
• open design, air-cooled (IP23, IC06)
• power range 4 poles: 140 kW to 450 kW / 6 poles: 315 kW to 870 kW
• mains voltages:
– 50 Hz: 400 V, 500 V, 690 V
– 60 Hz: 460 V, 480 V

Hoist, gantry, trolley, marine, ports, material handling
STS crane, RTG, ship to shore, rubber typed gantry crane

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400 LZ6

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IP 23